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Steel Portal Frame Finishing Houses

All the benefits of ARM's proven high-quality insulated panel system with the versatility a steel portal frame offers.

  • Easy to manage with a minimum of labour.

  • Fully slatted with 6 months slurry storage built in.
  • Invest in your future with ARM Buildings; transform productivity; watch your costs tumble.
  • Hygienic surfaces, high insulation values, robust laminated panel design.
  • Tax Efficient 85% classed as plant equipment.
  • Clear span frame design for any future change of use.
  • 40 Year guarantee on external FLEXSTONE cladding.
  • Health Check contract for the ventilation equipment available.
Steel Portal Frame Finishing Houses
  • Designed to provide an additional income stream for arable farmers as a stand alone Finishing site, or to complement existing pig enterprises.
  • EFFICIENT modern ScanAir ventilation, all contribute to significantly improved performance, lower labour costs, and lower maintenance costs.
  • Kit form or complete package, including base-works and erection, all with our own direct labour force.