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Fan Vent Grower & Finisher House

A highly efficient, fully controlled environment house

We undertake full project management including a comprehensive planning service, base works and erection and installation of buildings and equipment.
Kit form options are available.

  • Designed for maximum productivity with minimum labour, probably the most efficient finishing system available.
  • Excellent visibility of pigs at inspection, with easy access to each pen.
  • Common design is adjusted to suit grower or Finisher pigs.
  • Option for fully integrated automatic feeding systems include ad-lib dry feeding, ad-lib wet feeding or restrict wet feeding in a full length trough.
  • Farmex Dicam controllers offer unit monitoring with Barn Report and Betterscore options.

  • Hygienic surfaces, high insulation values, robust laminated panel design.
  • Standard is fully slatted floor with concrete or plastic slat panels. A Straw bedded option can be offered.
Fan Vent Grower & Finisher House
  • SCANAIR bespoke ventilation system is specified to suit each particular application. Powered inlets are linked to the speed of the fans to maintain constant air speeds and temperature.
    Automatic ventilation 24/7, regardless of location on the pig unit, or the siting of the building in relation to prevailing weather.
    Greater fan capacity than alternatives on the market, critical in achieving optimum pig performance, with minimum temperature lift in all seasons and over a range of climatic conditions.

  • Hi-tech laminated insulated panels manufactured in our factory ensure an easy to clean, efficient environment for finishing pigs. A wide range of external cladding materials are available.

  • 40 Year guarantee on external FLEXSTONE cladding.
  • Low maintenance with polypropylene cladding and stainless steel flashings and brackets.