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Paneltim ® panels

  • Panels made to measure from hard wearing polypropylene with fully sealed welded edges. Panels 51mm thick.
  • Full range of Stainless Steel bracketing and gate furniture.
  • Robust and fully pressure washable and available in a range of colours.
  • Resistant to all chemical products commonly used in Piggeries.
  • Suitable for all pigs from weaners to dry sows.
  • Standard heights: 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm. Lengths up to 5m long. Other sizes available on request.

Rotecna penning

Fast Lock Brackets

Fast Lock Brackets

Locking and hinging system for PVC farrowing and weaning pen dividers

  • Entirely made from stainless steel components.
  • Easy handling can be closed with one hand only.
  • Safety latches for weaner pens.
  • Great rigidity and resistance to breakage.
  • Designed open flat surfaces to eliminate dirt accumulation.

Farrowing Creep Lids

ROTECNA NI-2 - The NI-2 mobile is a removable cover for piglets in farrowing.
It’s easy to carry over if switching from place to place.



  • Very easy to carry over and to use.
  • Could reduce the energy cost up to 20-40% in the farrowing buildings.
  • Could increase by 0,2-0,5 alive weaned piglets per sow and year.
  • Better results in the weight of the weaned piglets.
  • Protecting from the air draughts.


  • Easy cleaning, can be lifted up, easy access to the bottom part.
  • The upper lid is provided with an optional lid for installation of infrared lamp and LED.
  • Different positions of the height.
  • Easy installation.
  • Can be adapted to any farrowing place.
  • Special design makes cleaning and disinfection very easy.