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Farrowing House

A modern, easy-to-manage house providing optimum conditions for sows and litter

  • Cost effective compared with containerised buildings.
  • Can be written down as 85% plant and equipment.
  • Low running costs with integrated heat mats built into fully slatted floors.
  • Galvanised steel farrowing crates with stainless steel troughs.
  • 40 Years warranty on Flexstone exterior wall cladding.
  • Kit form options available.
  • Complimentary planning service if required.
  • Each Farrowing building is designed to suit the individual herds production requirements, with rooms matching batch sizes.

Farrowing House
  • 500mm high plastic pen walls with stainless steel fittings provide robust and easy to clean surfaces.
  • Hi-tech, factory produced laminated insulated panels provide an efficient and effective environment for rearing piglets.
  • ARM Buildings offers full project management, including a comprehensive planning service, base-works, erection and installation.