Farrowing Creep Lids

ROTECNA NI-2 - The NI-2 mobile is a removable cover for piglets in farrowing.
It’s easy to carry over if switching from place to place.

farrowing creep lid


  • Very easy to carry over and to use.

  • Could reduce the energy cost up to 20-40% in the farrowing buildings.

  • Could increase by 0,2-0,5 alive weaned piglets per sow and year.

  • Better results in the weight of the weaned piglets.

  • Protecting from the air draughts.


  • Easy cleaning, can be lifted up, easy access to the bottom part.Rotecna NI 2

  • The upper lid is provided with an optional lid for installation of infrared lamp and LED.

  • Different positions of the height.

  • Easy installation.

  • Can be adapted to any farrowing place.

  • Special design makes cleaning and disinfection very easy.

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