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Feeding Ball

Feeding Ball

Slow drop dispenser is suitable for Maternity and Gestation.
  • Increases the feed intake of the sow.
  • Very easy learning.
  • Helps to avoid feed wastage.
  • Possibility of two types of feeding: restricted and Ad Libitum.
  • Provides for fresh feed 24 hours a day.
  • Makes it easy to see how much feed has been consumed.
  • With the VRH-3 water level valve in the feeder, water consumption is increased considerably.
  • Prevents sow stress.
  • 2 Supports Option:
  • Plastic and stainless steel.
The Feeding Ball is provided with the necessary accessories to fill it with feed from a doser or a feeder. Rotecna has developed kits that can be perfectly adapted to the both discharge options.



The HOPPER for FEEDING BALL has a capacity of 15 L. feed.


The DOSER KIT for FEEDING BALL has a capacity of 8.5 L. feed. It has a height of 55 cm and a diameter of 12.5 cm.
Tr4 Tr5

Tr4 Tr5

The new generation of the TR dry feeders for weaners: TR5 and TR4, grows and improves its advantages to remain the best option for the more demanding farmer.

  • More height, more volume. This prevents the access of weaners inside the feeder.
  • Raised feet, more hygiene.
  • Thanks to the raised feet the new TR feeder is now more elevated. Also taking into account the absence of sharp corners inside the feeder and injected in one piece, the tasks of cleaning and hygiene have become easier as well as keeping the sanitary conditions.
  • Better robustness
  • Easy Regulation. The exclusive system of the slide gate (“sandwich”) allows a perfect regulation of the full feeder.
  • Better Durability. Totally made of plastic (high-density polypropylene) and stainless steel
  • The hopper TR-4 has 4 mouths and TR-5 has 5 mouths.
Swing R3

Swing R3

2 options for higher efficiency in weaning, fattening and wean to finish.

  • Monoblock construction makes it very robust and easy to assemble.
  • Asymmetric hopper walls and wider hopper outlet makes feed meal flow easier.
  • 24 settings of regulation make it more sensible and efficient.
  • Easy access and ergonomic hand filling inlet.
  • Thanks to the interlocking design of the components the hopper is humidity proved and flavour saving.
  • Reliable complete stainless steel water piping.
  • Raised pan with complete footing and stabilizer kit included.
  • No sharp edges nor gaps, no feed rests and easy to clean.
Grow Feeder Mini

Grow Feeder Mini

Animals feeding from a Grow Feeder MINI during the post-weaning period will adapt rapidly in the fattening phase.

  • Feed intake is stimulated due to wet & dry feeding.
  • Improved results when a support feeder, e.g. Maxi Hopper pan is added.
  • Good feed conversion.
Grow Feeder Maxi

Grow Feeder Maxi

Only the evolution of the genuine feeder for finishers can be better than the original version.

  • More capacity. 30% increment of the capacity. Up to 60 l.
  • More precisely with more regulation positions: 13 points.
  • Possibility of installation of the water kit on the right or the left side.
  • The body of the feeder is one piece. Feeder extremely robust and easy to clean.
  • The trigger of the feed drop mechanism is very easy to pull.
  • The tube is built in the body.

Provides for easy adaptation for small animals and improves already excellent feed conversion rate:

  • The feed drop mechanism is longer.
  • Inclined nipple.


The new TR-2 feeder with 2 outlet, it corresponds to a new range of dry feeders for finishing. With this new product, we try to offer to the farmer a feeder to increase the range of products offered to satisfy the requirements in this productive phase.

  • Easy for 2 big animals at the same time.
  • Easy adjustment even if the feeder is full (sandwich slidegate).
  • Better durability in optimum conditions.
  • Better feed drop.
  • Optimising transport and mounting. the TR-2 is stacked and palletised.
  • Hygiene and disinfection.
Sow Feeder

Sow Feeder

During the farrowing the eating speed and daily intake vary. This affects milk production and productivity of the sow for the next delivery.

  • Prevents stress due to ad libitum feeding.
  • Sow is able to dose feed, avoiding feed over-lefts in the bowl that can acidify.
  • Wet & dry feeding stimulates feed intake.

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