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1000 Place Fully Slatted Ventilated Finishing House - Centre Passage, 2 Rooms
To supply, construct & erect Building and Equipment, on a Baseworks by others.

Price: £150,530.00 +VAT (price valid as at June 2015)
To supply materials & labour to construct Baseworks for the above building, including the laying of slats

Budget Price: £49,670.00 +VAT (price valid as at June 2015)


  • Size: Nominally 15.68m x 48.42m.
  • Laminated Panel Height Eaves, nominally 2.22m with Stainless Steel Flashing to Slat level.
  • Roof pitch 1:4, nominally 14 degrees.
  • Rooms: Building to be in 2No rooms, each nominally 15.40m x 24.00m Internally.
  • Pens: A total of 20No Pens, each pen is to accommodate 50No pigs and measures 4.80m x 7.24m providing nominally 0.70m² per pig.

Desert Desert


Fully slatted fan ventilated finishing house

Finishers 35—105 kg growing at 950—1030 g/day

A new building results in better performance which results in a quicker payback.

New finishing house £200/pig place 500 pigs/batch

Cost savings:

  • Better performance FCR –0.5 (£10) and B&B (£8) = £18/pig
  • Throughput 4.2 batches/year = £76/pig place/year
  • 2.6 year payback excluding any interest payments

Actual figures from a standard finishing house


POWER Costs per pig place

Total Power costs per finished pig £ 1.52

Power Cost

 Power estimated at £0.10 Kw/hr


We at ARM Buildings offer a ‘MOT’ service for buildings to help pig farmers run their controlled-environment houses more efficiently. An annual routine check will let farmers know that their piggeries—particularly finishing houses– are performing to optimum levels.

This service will include: Calibration settings for fans and inlets, building performance, Dicam training, building settings and pressure test and air speed measurement.

Inlet calibration can be undertaken along with checking of Dicam drivers; if electrical work or fan replacement is required then advice can be given.

A fee of £300 will cover the visit and advice. If you would like to be included in this planned annual performance calibration please contact Tim Miller on 07 976 701 144

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