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Windows solution for emergency ventilation

Drop-out window panels will automatically open in an emergency when normal ventilation is interfered with, safeguarding the health and welfare of pigs.

Record temperatures and prolonged hot spells have led pig housing specialists, ARM Buildings, to offer farmers additional means of safeguarding the health and welfare of pigs in artificially-ventilated buildings.

The company has developed ‘drop-out window panels’, to replace conventional windows, that will automatically open when normal ventilation is interfered with. These panels, fitted with robust plastic instead of glass, are held in place by electro-magnets. They can be set up to drop open, leaving a large aperture to allow free airflow, under a wide variety of adverse environmental conditions, such as excessive temperature, even if the problem is not related to a power failure.

“Drop-out panels have been around for years, but many farmers now like natural light in their piggeries. The drop-out window panels fulfill both functions,” said Tim Miller, ARM’s environmental specialist.

The law requires a back-up and alarm system, but these drop-out windows buy extra time in an emergency. They are a standard size but can be fitted to most buildings.

“Although mains failure is always given as the major issue, there can be scenarios where we lose ventilation through fans or fan drivers failing when power is still available. In these cases, we must think about how we can ventilate the building in an emergency,” said Tim.