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Graphic art commissioned to exhibit inequity of pork supply chain

Pig Crisis Art

Graphic art commissioned to exhibit inequity of pork supply chain

Farmex and ARM Buildings have jointly commissioned a London-based graphic artist to produce an image that expresses the unfairness of the UK pork supply chain.

For the British pig farmers who are losing millions of pounds while processors and supermarkets rake in the profits, artist James Dawe has produced a vivd graphic picture to illustrate this issue to the wider public.

Free, high-quality digital copies of the illustration will be made available to pig producers and their suppliers, to be used as they wish, in order to advertise the inequality. Whether that be on letter heads, posters, cars, vans, banners, t-shirts, or mugs.

 The image’s patron, Farmex, say that the intention is to later add the appropriate statistics to the graphic, to factually reinforce the image.

“This image will help pig farmers to get a crucial message across to government and the general public of the serious plight they find themselves in, through no fault of their own,” said Farmex director, Hugh Crabtree.

“The industry is in danger of losing its backbone. Many pig farmers have gone out of business already and the national herd is predicted to contract by 20%, or 80,000 sows, which would have produced two million finished pigs – equivalent to 120,000 tonnes of pork, or 240 million packs of sausages.”

“This means there will be a shortage of British pork and bacon, leading to higher prices and more pigmeat imports from countries which don’t have the same welfare standards,” cautioned Mr Crabtree.

The image can be obtained by emailing Hugh Crabtree at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by calling 07831 402470.