Kit-form piggeries proving increasingly popular

“Big boys’ flat-packs” are proving popular with pig farmers. ARM Buildings reports that providing piggeries in kit form for producers to assemble themselves is proving increasingly popular.


“Often, larger producers have their own maintenance staff which is quite capable of putting up a kit-form building and this can help to keep costs down,” commented ARM director, Roger Smith.

The buildings are precision-made at the specialist housing company’s Rugeley, Staffordshire, factory, and are sent out complete with the fixing, fittings, plumbing parts and ventilation equipment. All the apertures for fans and inlets are pre-cut for ease of assembly.

A choice of feeding equipment is also offered. ARM supply full working drawings, will advise on base-work and supply a list of quantities of materials needed for this task. The company offers advice all along the line and will check and commission the building once erected.

ARM has adaptable manufacturing methods so can design the building to suit particular ventilation configurations, for instance, and this applies to weaner, grower, finisher and farrowing buildings. Farm staff obviously need to be competent and where they are available this can save money, says ARM. Another advantage is that it can also save time, which can be important to avoid interruptions to the production and sale of pigs, when there are waiting lists for buildings.

ARM Sales manager, Paul Marland, sees off a piggery in kit form, ready for the pig farmer customer to erect on site.


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