New brand for Farmex’s data services

Following the increased interest by pig farmers in information communication technology and real-time monitoring on pig farms, Farmex is rebranding all its data services under the Barn Report Pro banner. It will be dropping the Guardian Action name currently used for some of its services.

This will be highlighted at the forthcoming British Pig and Poultry Fair at Stoneleigh Park.

Farmex offers a raft of internet-based IT services on subscription to capture data, including the recently-introduced — and revolutionary — GrowthSensor it developed in conjunction with ARM Buildings and Dicam Technology Ltd. This monitors the growth of finishing pigs as they grow, providing valuable information on a day-to-day basis.

Dr Sadie Douglas, who is in charge of the company’s data services said: “Real-time information helps improve the performance of pig herds by enabling staff to make objective decisions. Problems can be sorted out much quicker. In addition, monitoring helps to reduce energy, water and feed waste all of which can result in productivity improvements of up to 30 per cent.”


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