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ENVITEC IS A LEADING SUPPLIER AND OPERATOR OF BIOGAS PLANTS IN EUROPE WITH OVER 600 PLANTS ALREADY IN OPERATION FROM 150KW TO 20MW. Envitec offers a complete service for plants running on either waste streams or energy crops from planning through construction and start-up to operation and service.

In 2007, due to a surge of interest in on-farm biogas production in the UK, ARM Buildings Ltd and EnviTec Biogas formed a joint venture to offer farmers, who are increasingly turning to biogas, a means of broadening their business interests.

As well as building new biogas plants, EnviTec Biogas UK is expanding its dedicated service team in line with the continued growth of the business.

The company is doubling the headcount of its technical services department as part of a major investment in its operations, to ensure the most comprehensive support for its clients. An extensive training programme has been developed for the new recruits.

EnviTec Biogas UK has also significantly increased its stock of spares, to keep biogas plants running smoothly and downtime to an absolute minimum. The investment comes after the company reported significant financial growth recently. Its strong financial performance, aided by the attractive market conditions in the UK for anaerobic digestion plants, has helped support investment in new initiatives, including farmscale biomethane ‘gas to grid’ plants. Biogas can offer a cost-effective renewable energy source, whichever configuration is chosen.

Mike McLaughlin, managing director of EnviTec Biogas UK, which has its headquarters in Rugeley, Staffordshire, said: “We are committed to the long-term, planning, building and servicing of AD plants in the UK, and this investment in our service operation reflects that. “Renewable energy from AD represents a robust commercial decision and we are in a prime position to support its continued growth in the UK. AD is a very efficient system, and we have produced a very efficient plant, which is complemented by an extensive service and support package to ensure a smooth-running process.”

A Biogas plant offers you the capability to turn all manner of waste into a usable power supply that provides a reliable and constant source of income. Biogas usage in the UK is constantly growing, as more farmers, investors & politicians are recognising the benefits of biogas.

Envitec Biogas UK will work with you from concept development to plant construction, using their years of experience in the sector to ensure optimum operational procedures.

  • Biogas makes an active contribution to climate protection
  • Biogas offers a reliable source of income
  • Plant operators can adapt flexibly to input materials
  • Biogas generation is independent of weather conditions
  • Biogas is storable
  • Biogas as a power supply can be used in many different ways

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