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ARM Buildings have manufactured specialist pig buildings for over 35 years. Owned by the A. Proctor Group since 1999, it is one of the largest suppliers of pig buildings in the U.K.

ARM buildings are manufactured using the company’s own factory-made laminated panel system. The value of its laminated insulation panels has been recognised outside agriculture and these are now used by the general construction industry.

ARM Buildings are equipped with the best available equipment and materials and include monitored ventilation systems with a free 12 month subscription to ‘Barn Report’.

ARM Buildings is a design and build company, designing to suit individual farm requirements, and this flexible attitude has given ARM Buildings an international reputation for providing the best package available today.

As well as supplying new buildings as a complete package, buildings can be delivered in kit form.

Refurbishment projects are also undertaken and a wide range of equipment from slats to feed systems are available.

ARM Buildings offer a full project management service including base-works construction, erection of buildings, installation of equipment and a Full Planning service.


Justifying the cost of new buildings;


As feed becomes more expensive its efficient use assumes greater importance. Feed loss and FCR are reduced in new buildings.Temperature and air quality are easier to regulate in new buildings.

UK average labour hours / pig produced 1.1 hours v DK & NL 0.6hrs due to their greater investment in buildings.

Cost of disease control, the effect of health on performance, and hygiene costs are all reduced in newer buildings.

Lower running costs – electricity, cleaning, water usage and labour.

Batch production and pig flow are easier to achieve.

Staff morale and retention are improved.

Confidence is required – but the payback can be significant.

Pig buildings are classed as either Building or Plant for tax purposes.

Plant can be 75% or more of the total building cost and includes: Slurry storage, slats, pen / room divisions, feed system, electrics, plumbing, ventilation, wall coverings and insulation.

Plant and equipment (75% of investment costs) qualify for capital allowances.

Building structures (25% of investment costs) are generally written off over 20 years, although most modern buildings will last considerably longer.


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